Busting the "sweet" onion myth
Most of the time we find in life that the things that taste the best are not the best things for us.  In the family of onions just the opposite is true.  So called "sweet" onions are not really sweet at all, they are simply lacking in flavor and should more appropriately be called "mild" onions.  The spicy cooking onions grown in the northeast, while being the hottest and most flavorful also contain the highest sugar content of all major onion varieties.  Cooking these spicy northern onions removes much of the heat, revealing the sweeter, more complex flavor of this onion over their mild southern counterparts.  Try sauteing a "sweet" onion and a hot onion next to each other and you will find that the hot northern onion that you started with is actually sweeter in the end.
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Onion experts agree, sweet onions aren't sweet, they just lack flavor.  "Vidalias, Oso-Sweets, 1015s, they all have lower sugar content and reduced health benefits when compared to Crybaby Onions"  says one of the worlds foremost experts on onions.


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